Rai's bakery

Who is Rai?

From a young age, Rai was surrounded by authentic and modern Caribbean foods. Continually receiving encouragement from family and friends, Rai put tweaks on simple dishes with the tastes and flavours that she’d grown up with; nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, all spice and cloves.

Building in confidence, she would give friends and family (test subjects/guinea pigs) her newest creation. Some of her experiments weren’t always received with appreciation, but those that were a hit have become staples at events and functions for her family and friends.

Seeing people enjoy her creations is what fuels Rai to keep baking and coming up with new ideas to try out. Having a bakery of her own has been Rai’s dream since she was just big enough to see above the kitchen counters.

Rai's mission

Rai would love to introduce the true taste of Caribbean desserts and treats to the rest of the world, one sweet bite at a time.


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